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April 8, 2012
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Happy Bunny's Easter by KawaiiAngel23 Happy Bunny's Easter by KawaiiAngel23
Happy Easter!! and guess who I drew...HAPPY BUNNY!! (get it..Easter bunny..happy bunny...?
*cricket* *cricket*
...You get the point)
I LOVE THE HAPPY BUNNY!! favorite saying of all : "Cute but psycho. Everything evens out" and it has a cute little dagger to go with it (my mom thinks otherwise lol) and the other saying are so cute,but so mean..its beautiful :happycry: Even though I don't celebrate Easter,I like the idea of the easter bunny. When I hear bunny,I thought of the Happy Bunny and here we are with this awesome drawing XD Enjoy! :D
"It's Happy Bunny" (c) Jim Benton

Done with: :iconpainttoolsai: and VisTablet

Time took: 3 to 4 hours(I took breaks)

Extra comments: .......WALK THIS WAY-talk this way....
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that's so cute ^_^
happy easter to you :)
KawaiiAngel23 Apr 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you,And same to you ^^ Haven't talked to you in so long,How are you?
you are very welcome and thank you :huggle:
oh yes, pretty much ^^;

actually I'm doing good, I must admit :)
currently having a break, well, actually what is left from easter holidays ^^'
I come back on Thursday

and did you have a good break as well?
KawaiiAngel23 Apr 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
...Why do all the lucky people get a longer breaks? T.T I hope your break is going awesomely awesome and you are having fun ^^ I had a fun break. I mostly hung out with my family and watched movies (I went to a restaurant for an early bday celebration for my dad, and to celebrate his new car as well)
heheh, I don't know ^^;
but there are countries in which easter breaks are way longer :XD:

thank you very much, my friend :hug:
I aso hope that you have a nice time

sounds like a nicely spent time ^_^
KawaiiAngel23 Apr 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Can I travel to one of those countries? I would love that country forever XD Your welcome :huggle: I hope yours was a blast and was amazing(hopefully most of it). It was a nice break,but I still wish it was longer...
yeah, I heard that they have 2 weeks of easter in Greece
that surprised me a lot too; I wonder how long it must be in Israel or Italy

oh, thank you very much :huggle:
yeah, me too ^^; but there soon will be ome other break here - the May's longer weekend
don't you have anything soon as well?
KawaiiAngel23 Apr 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I think There is another break in may...But,I think it's only for a day. Other than that,test. Bunches of test,quizzes and summatives and then in June I have to do exams,but after that-shoooooom!-Summer break lol Oh my gosh...I am so moving to Greece next year,forget America's Easter break,theirs seem better. If Israel or Italy's spring break is longer than that, I am packing my bags,and I'm leaving with no letter XD You are welcomes :iconsnuggleplz: Were there any highlighting moments of your break that made it awesome? Or really good moments?
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